folded memories,


Folded Memories is a trio of coil pots representing infinite time and its continually additive quality. The nature of memories, much like each coil, is reliant on the ones that have formed before, overlaying on past experiences to influence how our futures, and each new coil, will ensue. The unique warping and sagging of each pot reflects the unforeseen experiences that disrupt the structural integrity of our lives and may see us lean back on our past experiences for reassurance. Each wooden receptacle perfectly cradles the ceramics, reflecting the way we all desire to be held and comforted by those we love in our own specific ways. No other object can fill its place because it is only designed to fit the needs of one unique body. Folded Memories validates the idea that life doesn’t resemble a perfectly uniform vessel, rather one warped and contorted form afflicted with idiosyncrasies, but whose qualities are what make it so beautiful.


work displayed at the australian design centre’s bright start display in 2019