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civic interactive seating


An interactive public seating installation to serve as a vector for personalised rest in urban environments

concept statement


Accessibility to public seating is a privilege often overlooked. The current diaspora is designed for transitory use and not the comfort required for long term rest. Taking a speculative approach, the Civic Interactive Seating Installation (CISI) proposes a form which creates comfort by morphing to the shape of an individual using Shape Memory Polymers (SMP). This novel technology allows for the stimulus of a body’s heat and pressure to trigger a reaction which changes the form. Once the user leaves the space and the stimulus is removed the SMP will gradually inflate back into its original shape. This creates a reciprocal narrative where the design only functions through human presence, otherwise remaining as a static artifact. The mutualistic relationship between the person and the designed object is an affectionate sentiment to honour the memory of users in the site by creating imprints which can be used by others. Designed for use in public green spaces the form will be most rewarding to those who require extended amounts of rest to remedy fatigue but will also serve the wider community as a unique vector for respite. The CISI aims to democratise access to appropriate rest for all people. 

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Poor infrastructure can be a barrier for entry into a community, especially for individuals who are not as physically or intellectually abled (Hunt, 2017). The current seating diaspora is mundane and uncomfortable and only conducive to transitory use, not long term rest.

Better accessibility in design can create a more mutualistic relationship between the individual and the built environment.

audience + environment


Individual and groups with chronic or acute accessibility needs, this can include the elderly, those with permanent/temporary ailments and those with invisible disabilities.

It is designed to populate public green spaces of all sizes in metropolitan areas.

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Prince Alfred Park , Surry Hills
Potential setting for the designs to populate

stages of seating

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stage 1

Seat hasnt been used much recently
and is still fully inflated, providing more
upright support.

stage 2

After repeated use the seat begins to delate, this is more obvious in the heavily used regions.

stage 3

All the use and exposure to human stimulus culminates and flatens the form down before recovering back to original shape.

seating materiality

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technical drawings


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