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Siann Boustead is a Canberra born designer currently practising and studying on Gadigal land at UNSW’s School of Art and Design. Her works often revolve around design’s relationship with the human body. Practising predominantly within physical mediums she examines how design has the ability to enrich and advance peoples lives, advocating for an increasingly mutualistic relationship between the person and the designed object. This is a philosophy she goes by, using it to guide her work but also think critically about existing designs and whether they adhere to similar human-centred principles.



2019 - 2021 Bachelor of Design (honours)

2021 Three month internship with Flipp


2021 Member of Shadow Board representing faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture

2021 UNSW Kudos gallery committee member

2019 UNSW Art + Design grants committee member

exhibited works

2021 Curated online exhibition UNEARTHING X KUDOS for Sydney gallery Cement Fondu

2021 Displayed at the A&D ANNUAL 

2021 Folded Memories at Three Foot Square

2019 Bright Start Exhibition at The Australian Design Centre


Ongoing Firstdraft

2019 The Big Anxiety Festival

2020 Sydney Biennale